If Wishes Were Horses

"If wishes were horses"
	Tis a thought I well know
"Beggars would ride"
	But where would they go?
To sun-speckled pools
	The dappled mares go
They race up high mountains
	To dance in the snow

"If wishes were horses"
	I know where I'd ride
For a fortnight I'd travel
	To be by your side
I'd crash through your office
	"On the twenty-first floor?"
Lift you up to the saddle
	And race out the door

And then up the walls of the world
	We would race
Laughing and singing
	Feel the wind in your face?
Through star-studded meadows
	Our stallion he flys
And we'd stop 'neath an elm tree
	And I'd gaze in your eyes

"If wishes were horses"
	They are love, they are!
"Beggars would ride"
	So let's head for the stars

1989 Brian Preble


Copyright 1995- 2021 Ostenta Fine Arts and the author