Triangular Obsession

Slowly they revolve about each other:
The earth, the moon, and midnight.
And who hears their words, their tears?
Heaven and hell are both in hushed night skies.


Full Moon

She hangs low on the horizon and filled
Pregnant with desire and calm
The earth moves in her arms
And we, we are reverent and stilled
Watching the morning blossoms unfold
Watching the water loose the land's hold
Watching the aeries the eagles build

She hangs low in the heavens a-gleam
Creator of madness and lust
The earth turns with desire, just
As we, we bend and listen to silent screams
Of broken rocks against the stormy sea
Of violets wilting in a bowl, of you and me
Locked in a compelling hurtful dream

She hangs low on the horizon and proud
Gentle, earth-friend and mother, alone
The earth suckles wisdom from the full moon
And we, we turn and kiss, aroused,
With thoughts of spider's lace, champagne
With thoughts of larks and rain
With thoughts of words once spoke out loud

On the Dark Tide

In the waning light we hover
Sky ridden and silent, silently
Bathing in silver-edged raindrops
Sickle and slow, she rises to meet her amour
Greets her dark lover with kisses and coldness
And we weep, weep seeing the moon through starred tears

In the waning light we haunt
Stream laced forests, silent, silently
Bathing in silver-shining waterfalls
Quiescent and calling, she gleams first warm the chill
Beams acceptance, remains inviolate and lone
And we weep, weep for midnight rebuffed by the moon's tears

In the waning light we huddle
A-ground and silent, silently
Bathe in silver-glowing flowers
Faint and frightened, she turns and is embraced
Burns from dark fingers' touch and crumbles
And we weep, weep as midnight chews through the moon's light

A Marriage of Earth and Midnight

Shall we wait, for evening's dark to steal
Silently upon the world?  Shall we wait
For Beltane fires to be lit? Shall we wait
For the harvests' ripening, for druid berries to heal,
To soften minds' burden and open hearts' hurt?
Shall we wait, tell me,'til nightshade flowers;
'Til child blossoms in the womb; 'til hunted beast cowers,
Hungry and moss-low in the dirt?
For this we shall wait.

Shall we wait, yearning with fire and lies,
Thirsting for elderberry wine?  Shall we wait
With stirring hearts and mind echoes of "Wait...
Wait..." rebounding with sinking madness before our eyes,
Shouting "Wait!" from shadow patched clearings and streams?
Shall we wait, tell me, with our thoughts filled with sun;
With dark inner cries; with desire hardly begun,
Wafting ghostlike through our dreams?
And so we shall wait.

Dark, dark is the meadow; the trees
At forest's edge brandish branches like quirts
To whip back the stars peeking from darkness's skirts,
To harry the clouds and subdue the breeze.
Softly we wait, toes-to-ground, eyes-to-sky, alight
With waiting in dark meadow stillness for night's pre-dawn hush,
For wind-haunted darkness before morn's first blush,
For the earth to melt and meld with midnight.


Heaven and hell lie side by side.
Darkened skies will ever bind the two.
For the gentle earth loves midnight
As midnight loves the moon

1989 Jennifer Bakal
Carnegie-Mellon University


Copyright 1995- 2021 Ostenta Fine Arts and the author