Sunnyside Up

Iggle Pop and Waxy May
went on vacation
(but just for a day)

Said Iggle, very practical,
to a much excited May,
"the last bus heads for home at four,
so we musn't overstay!"

But Waxy merely nodded 'cause
her thoughts were at the sea,
and her head was full of sunshine,
and her heart was full of glee.

So off they went, the twosome,
to wander 'long the shore,
to wander 'cross the duney beach,
then wander back some more.

They rambled and they frolicked,
built castles for the kings,
chased back n' forth with friendly waves,
(which washed up wonderous things)

Found twisted driftwood treasures
with seaweed strands of hair,
and smelled the piney tar of docks
in tangled salty air.

Ah, such a glorious outing,
such a furmishly good time,
full of seashells, sand and scuttlecrabs...
and jellyfish's slime!..

Such fun was Miss May having
that, when Four had come and gone,
she had left poor Iggle standing
as the last bus rumbled on.

So Iggle and Miss Waxy
had to end their full beach day
with a long and dusty trudging...
(home seems twice as far away!)

Til' they got there Iggle lectured
why it's ruins, rants and raves
but, elsewhere, Waxy smiles,
hearing only gulls and waves.

Copyright 1989 David Perry Greene
Graduate School of Industrial Administration
Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA


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