As Rain Falls in the Dust

Boy in field sees girl of gold,
His heart goes out, his soul unfolds
She sees but she can not hear,
She's oh so far, and far too near.

He scythes his way into the grain,
The more he cuts the more it rains.
It grows into the darkened sky,
He loses sight and wonders why.

Girl of gold sees boy in field,
Her heart is there for him to steal.
She stops in hope, he gives a look,
But then continues in his work

She loses him in field of grain,
She waits but it begins to rain.
Silly of her to want and hope,
How could she have thought it so.

Stick to your ideals sweet child,
Don't waver in your trust.

To laugh to cry, to sing and die,
To love instead of lust.
To feel the pain of grave mistakes
As rain falls in the dust.
To know the difference when clocks stand still,
Of iron and of rust.

1989 James William Studt,
Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri


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