Lofty words do pass my eye,
While pondering this question,
	  queries arise.
"By what criteria doth thou measure?"

For truth does waver, as wind that blows,
Like windsocks hung in barren fields.
Each gust, a varied truth does hold,
No common wind to match ideals.

A man may speak of lofty scenes
Of Gods and scholars' counsel kept,
And yet, no more a God is he...
     ....for whose reality 'tis _not_ a dream.

Behind the curtain of another's play,
One may peer in, to gain such clue.
Yet, the knowledge holds small insight,
As the plot does vary with a point of view.

So, care I what I prove for you.
Lest I, your lofty counsel keep?
I prove myself to none but me,
For I am my reality,
         and you......
	        .....the dream.

1989 Carrie D. Van Esselstine
ATT, Denver, Colorado


Copyright 1995- 2021 Ostenta Fine Arts and the author